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Do It Online - Tax and SORN

By Stephen Turvil | April 24, 2015


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All you need to know about taxing your vehicle online

Do It Online - Tax and SORN

Do It Online: Road Tax

Taxing a vehicle online is straightforward and convenient. Visit the system prompts you to click “apply now” then – by default – requests a 16 digit reference number from the V11 Reminder Form that should have come through the post. If this is unavailable, enter the 11 digit reference from the V5C (log book). Alternatively, if the vehicle has to be taxed following its purchase enter the 12 digit number from the New Keeper Supplement.

During the following stages the system checks the vehicle is insured and – if necessary – has an MOT. If it passes, you can pay for 12 or 6 months tax as a one-off payment or set-up a direct debit. You then receive an e-mail to confirm success. Note: the actual tax disc was abolished in October 2014.

It is your responsibility to tax your vehicle not the DVLA’s. If you move house you must notify the DVLA so they know where to send your V11 Reminder Form. Don’t risk getting up to a £1000 fine, join MyMotoring and we will give you free reminders when your tax is due for renewal.


Do It Online: Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)

A Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) ensures a vehicle does not have to be taxed, insured or have an MOT. On this basis, it must be kept on private land and never venture onto a public road.

To make the declaration, visit and click “apply now”. You will need either the 16 digit reference number from the V11 Road Tax Reminder Form, or the 11 digit reference from the V5C (log book). The declaration remains valid until the vehicle is taxed, sold, scrapped or permanently exported.

How To Get A Road Tax Refund - April 20th 2015

There is no need to manually request a road tax refund. The DVLA automatically reimburses when a vehicle is sold, transferred, scrapped, exported, taken off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), or the keeper changes its tax class to an exempt category.

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