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Guide To Personalised Registrations

By Stephen Turvil | April 24, 2015


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How To Buy A Personalised Registration

Guide To Personalised Registrations

The DVLA sells personalised registrations directly to the public. Visit  then search for a favoured combination of letters and numbers. But remember: it is illegal to make a vehicle look newer than it is. A 2015/15 registration, for example, cannot be fitted to a vehicle first registered in 2008. In contrast, you can make it look older so a 2015 vehicle can, for example, be assigned a 2008/08 registration.

Depending on the age of the vehicle, you can choose from the current registration plate format (AA15 ABC) or the previous prefix style (A123 ABC). Prices start at £250 including an £80 transfer fee. The DVLA also sells its most interesting plates – some of which do not fit into the above styles – at auction. Once the sale has been finalised you receive a Certificate of Entitlement. If the registration has not assigned before this expires, you can pay to extend its validity or surrender the mark.

How To Transfer A Registration Number

You can transfer a registration:

  • from your vehicle to a second registered in your name
  • to a vehicle you are purchasing
  • to a vehicle registered to somebody else.

Both must be registered with the DVLA, available for inspection, of a type that requires an MOT (or heavy goods vehicle test certificate), and taxed. However, if the vehicle that has the favoured registration is not taxed you can still apply if:

  • the tax expired in the last 12 months
  • there is no break between when the tax expired and the start of a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Proceed via Form V317 (Application To Transfer Or Retain A Vehicle Registration Number). If a number is being transferred to someone else’s vehicle, both keepers have to complete a form. Include:

  • the £80 transfer fee (cheque or postal order payable to DVLA)
  • For each vehicle, the Registration Certificate or New Keeper Supplement
  • For each vehicle, Form V62 (Application For A Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C).

If a New Keeper Supplement has been stamped by a local DVLA office, you have to complete Form V62 (Application For A Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C) before you transfer a registration mark. Send the paperwork to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DS. 

How To Retain A Registration Number

You can transfer a registration from a vehicle and hold it on a Retention Certificate (V778). The cost is £80. The vehicle must:be registered with the DVLA available for inspection of a type that requires an MOT or heavy goods vehicle test certificate. 

To proceed, send the following to the DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DS:

  • Form V317 (Application To Transfer Or Retain A Vehicle Registration Number)
  • Registration Certificate or the New Keeper’s Supplement
  • Form V62 (Application For A Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C).

You will then receive:

  • V778 Retention Document showing you as the grantee
  • Registration Certificate showing a replacement registration.

How To Have A Registration Plate Made

Plates should only be produced by a registered supplier. Find yours via You will require:

  • proof of name and address, e.g. passport, driving licence, utility bill
  • proof of entitlement to use the registration, e.g. V5C log book, Retention Certificate, New Keeper Supplement.

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