Ray Morris Automatic Cars Ltd, Welling

42 Welling High Street. Welling. Kent. DA161TQ

0208 303 4030

Dealer rating:
2.5 / 5

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Frank Barwick
5.0 / 5
Feb 18, 2017
From start to finish Ray and Mike were professional honest and straightforward the car we purchased was really clean and even had new Automatic Cars Ltd carpet mats the next time we change we will visit them first. Frank
Sharon Smith
0.0 / 5
Jul 2, 2014
I purchased my car from Ray Morris. I paid £7500 cash. This was on the 17th of April. He failed to advertise that it was a ex disabled first I didn't noticed the smell as it had just been cleaned <not valet>....I am left with a very dirty smell in the car that has got worse since the warmer weather. Once home, my daughter pointed out the cracked tires and how worn they were. I had to keep ringing Ray Morris up and explaining about the smell and the tires. My daughter had to send photo's of the tires, which at first he never said he received, I sent a very strong email to Ray Morris and all of a sudden he got the photo's of my tires. After so many calls - he did agree with replacing the very worn tires with two very low budget tires. His manner on the phone to me was disgusting and dam right rude. No after care what so ever. Also on purchasing my car, his member of staff <mike> hurried the paper work through - all I had was a receipt <I think they knew it was an ex disabled car - hence not showing me any paper work>. After a month - still no tax came through <after I paid up front for my tax> so again, I had to chase them up to sort my tax out. Also, I noticed on the driving side the window was not going up and down properly, I did point this out to Mike and he said to take it to Vauxhall and they will sort it out. Today's date is the 2nd July and this will be the 6th time I have had to take my car into Vauxall. It is booked in again tomorrow morning for the day. Again, when ringing Ray Morris his manner was disgusting. Since part exchanging my car with him, I have had 2 letters from the DVLA saying my old car <that I part exchanged> is now over due and unless I pay a fine of £80 then I will be taken to court. I got a friend to ring Ray Morris today <because of his awful telephone manner, I refused to ring him any more> asking him did he send proof that my old car doesn't belong to me any more and he said yes, so my friend kindly asked him if he could ring the DVLA and send an email to confirm that he sent of the documents and he was so rude to my friend and his answer was NO!!!!! So, where does that leave me....more phone calls and now letters/emails and all to prove I had part exchanged my car to him. Also, I bought the car in Kent, I live in Essex, so there is quite a distance, I had to take the car back to Kent as when I got the car home there was loads of chip markings all down the side of the car door <a round trip of 140 miles> and Ray Morris has the cheek to talk to me how he did. I have not been rude - all I have wanted to do was enjoy my car and drive it - and to this date I haven't been able to do that because of the smell and the window. It has spent more time in Vauxhall then on my drive. Also, Ray Morris didn't point out to me that it WAS against the law to be driving around on a disabled tax disc and he had me doing that for a whole month. DISGUSTING!! I phoned the police and DVLA and both said it was against the law...... unprofessional from Ray Morris. He needs to get some telephone manners and to take a course in after care. I will be taking this further.