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6. Toyota Land Cruiser

By Phil Gardner
Jul 28, 2020
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The new Land Cruiser came out in 2018 and it’s still relatively fresh on the scene, but it carries through all the characteristics that have made it a huge success with drivers who like to take their vehicles off the tarmac and onto the slippy stuff. The Land Cruiser is a vehicle of titanic proportions with faultless reliability and almost unparalleled robustness. It isn’t exactly cheap, with prices starting from £35,655 - but it’s reasonably priced and buyers will be happy with the level of refinement and luxury inside the cabin. Of course, it’s not overdone. Most of the dashboard is operated by chunky buttons and hard-wearing plastics which can be operated with gloves on - so if you’re looking for an ultra-sleek state-f-the-art touch screen then look elsewhere. The Land Cruiser is built for the tougher tasks and turns its nose up at conforming to modern standards.