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"Overheated fuel market" by Jason Dawe

This week Jason talks about the price of petrol in an "overheated fuel market"!

Last week the Chancellor decided to keep fuel duty on ice, at least until November. Described by Edmund King, Executive Director of the RAC, as "a cool draught of common sense in an overheated fuel market" it is ironic that this announcement now seems to coincide with a change in the weather—at least for the moment!

65p in every pound spent on petrol goes straight to the Treasury in tax. By driving more economically, we can cut as much as 15% from our fuel bills. A great example of this was achieved at the weekend, when Vauxhall’s Vivaro set a new fuel economy record, thanks to a charity drive. Alan Philips drove from John O’Groats to Land’s End to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, and achieved some remarkable results. As well as raising over £1,000 for the charity, Alan achieved an amazing 55.35mpg and used less than one tank of fuel!

Alan decided that he should push Vauxhall’s van to the limit to get every mile possible out of the 90-litre tank.

After filling it to the brim, sealing the tank with masking tape, getting it signed to prevent tampering and zeroing the Vivaro’s trip, he set off on the journey to Cornwall. After two days on the road, carefully monitoring his speed and fuel gauge, Alan arrived at the end of the official 874 mile distance with fuel to spare.

After removing the masking tape from the sealed tank he managed to get 69.89 litres of diesel back in the tank, meaning he managed to achieve 55.35mpg and still have over two gallons of fuel to spare.

Happy Motoring!


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