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4x4 Owners face another enemy

Punished by the tax man and unpopular with eco-activists,t hieves now cause another worry

The owners of 4x4’s have to face the fuel and tax increase but now have to be extremely careful that they don’t find their catalytic converter missing when they start the car in the morning.

Police have revealed that thousands of exhaust parts have been stolen from 4x4’s in the past six months by criminal gangs. The converters contain platinum, palladium and rhodium and the prices for these metals have soared in the past two years. The converters can be sold to metal traders for up to £200, the same price that you would now be offered at the scrapyard for an old car. The 4x4’s are popular for these criminals because they have a high clearance off the ground, the converter can be sawn off in less than three minutes.

A Mitsubishi dealer in Peterborough reported that seven of their 4x4’s were targeted in one night. The AA has also reported that they have had an increase in call outs to cars that have had their catalytic converters removed.

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