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Alfa Romeo 8c Spider

A stunner with shortcomings..

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Request a ALFA ROMEO test drive

There is no other way to describe it, the Alfa Romeo 8c Spider is something of complete beauty. The carbon fibre body is styled in a curvy classic roadster style, with a bonnet similar to that of the gorgeous Ferrari Enzo. Further Italian styling include the front spoiler vents which look big enough to suck up a passing badger as you whisk down the coast listening to the soundtrack of the 4.7- litre V8.

Not that you will be doing to much aggressive driving, for one of three reasons: Firstly at £147,000 asking price, it would only take the most confident driver to take on the test of the sheer power on any kind of challenging B-Road, while secondly and more importantly the lean of the car overcomes the enormous grip to give this ride a somewhat difficult feel. On a final note with all 500 cars produced now sold, unless you have already got receipt of purchase you will have to wait until one becomes available second hand, and quite possibly with a CAT rating attached.

The quick steering of the car is quite impressive, however the shunt through the 6 speed paddle gearbox gives the car an unrefined feel for a ‘supercar’ with a six figure asking price.

For those looking to pose around Milan than those looking for a serious track car, the Alfa Romeo 8c Spider will not disappointment. The styling and noise from the car gives a serious impression and one would be forgiven for falling for the looks over the capabilities and complete impracticality.

£40,000 more than the coupé is a big ask and competing with the Ferrari F430 Spider and Lamborghini Gallardo Spider is a serious test which only a true Alfa Romeo fan could stomach.