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Army Land Rovers to be Replaced by Ridgback

The MOD has ordered 157 American-built Ridgback armoured vehicles to replace the Land Rovers in its fleet.

157 Ridgback armoured vehicles have been ordered by the Ministry of Defence which will replace the current Land Rovers in its fleet, and will be depolyed in Iraq and Afganistan from next year.

The Ridgback is part of a £150million overhaul which will see the Land Rover Defender phased out, other vehicles ordered are the Matsiff and the Jackal Jeep. The Ridgback is a modified version of the Force Protection Cougar 4x4, will offer greater protection to troops from landmines and roadside bombs and is much more nimble than the now outdate Land Rover Defenders currently in use, achieving a top speed of 55mph.

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