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Hey Regit-ers,

As many of you know, we’ve been on a bit of a journey over the past 12 months. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you’ll know we rebranded from last summer. As we started the new year, our 1,400,000th driver got the keys to their digital garage.

On, many of our tools and helpful calculators on the site started with the reg plate. It’s every driver’s fingerprint. That’s why we’ve taken that reg plate and put it to the front with Regit, with the help of some top branding people (one of which is the man behind Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik”). It’s what made us different from other car sites and platforms. Got a problem? Just Regit.

 With Regit, you get:

  • Your digital garage where we remind you when things are due
  • The marketplace to find the best deals on buying, selling or maintaining your car
  • Great content like our quizzes, lists, and news where you can while away the hours 

Despite that, we know the site isn’t perfect yet, but we’re on a journey with our users to improve it each day. We’ve taken plenty of feedback onboard since the rebrand to make it better, and we’ve got much more in our roadmap.

We’ve got loads of ideas too. We want to reward all our loyal users with a motoring toolkit where you can consistently save on your motoring, like better finance rates or cheaper servicing. We also want to create better content and improve how we communicate with you too. And we want to do this as quickly as possible.

To help us achieve all this more quickly, we’re launching an online equity fund raise shortly. In order to improve Regit and build some of the features our users are asking for, we need to employ some more great people and that costs money. It’s also a great opportunity for our users to really drive forward our growth and be a part of it for as little as a tenner.

Stay tuned to find out more about Regit and our future plans over on Crowdcube once we launch our fund raise. It’d be great to see you there, and it’d be even better to have you on board for the future. :)

The Regit Team

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So long as you don’t start charging subscription,how you fund/finance your website is your problem?

All the good positive stuff on this site and all you can do is be rude? How sad that you have to react this way. Keep up the good work, Regit Team.

That’s your opinion as many years ago I had an email asking me to join them and when they changed there name.Thats what is called ‘’freedom of speech’’and I will unsubscribe from their website when I get their next email from them.Thank you.

Hi Leslie, thanks for the feedback, The Regit Digital Garage will always be free and yes we fund it and are able to create jobs because car manufacturers pay us to advertise on the site, The benefit you get is to be able to manage your car owning life in one simple easy place, by helping you when you want to buy, sell, maintain or just help you to stay legal...Just Regit - Chris Green Co Founder

Have you seen there updates and Chris Greens comments.I have unsubscribed from the Regit web site and deleted my profile as I can get the same type of information from my membership of the AA!

Hi guys, Thanks for the feedback. We have no intention for charging anyone to the use the site. In fact, quite the opposite. We want to provide our users with more reason to use Regit, including better deals on motoring and more exclusive offers putting money in your pocket, not ours. The more our users recommend us to their friends and family, the more we all benefit. Just Regit. :)