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Biker Robbie Maddison jumps gap on Tower Bridge

Record Breaker performs spectacular leap

Robbie Maddison performed a no handed backflip as he jumped the gap between the north and south side of Tower Bridge. He raced up one side of the raised bridge and flew through the air 100ft above the water.

Speaking after the Tower Bridge stunt, he said: "The whole experience was awesome." "We had a matter of minutes on the bridge and had to time everything to the second there were so many factors to get right, but we pulled it off.”It was an incredible feeling to fly between the two towers and over the Thames."

Maddison said he had been planning a stunt in London since his last feat leaping off a ramp on to a life-size replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve last year. He said “People say I’m crazy, but I just want to push the boundaries of my sport and my body to the limit and I love taking on these huge challenges.”

The twenty seven year old Australian holds the record for the worlds longest ever motorbike jump at 350.7 feet. He will be performing at Battersea Power Station as part of the Red Bull X-fighters World Tour on August 22nd.

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