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BMW 520D SE is top executive car

What Car Used Executive Car Of The Year 2009

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Request a BMW 5 SERIES test drive

The BMW 520D SE is voted What Car best executive used car of the year 2009. The BMW 520D SE is very popular with company car drivers as it has an impressive reputation for reliability and with an efficient diesel engine is very economical to run. The fuel economy averages at 55.4mpg and the tax for the year is only £150. BMW say the car is economical due to what they call their ‘EfficientDynamics’ technology. This includes a whole host of small but collectively significant features like Brake Energy Regeneration, active aerodynamics, an optimum gear shift indicator and low rolling resistance tyres.

Inside the BMW 520D SE is a superb leather interior of high standard with electrically adjustable seats, climate and cruise controls, stability control and parking sensors as some of the features. There is an optional sat nav available.

Such is the reputation of the BMW 520D SE it is in serious demand as a used vehicle, residual values being extremely strong. A BMW 520D SE registered in June 06 would be approximately £15,000 on the used car market. There are more efficient models available from September 07 onwards but these will obviously be much pricier.