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BMW at Frankfurt

BMW At Frankfurt BMW is introducing a new version of the 1-Series, a revised 6-Series line-up and an important concept car at the...

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BMW is introducing a new version of the 1-Series, a revised 6-Series line-up and an important concept car at the Frankfurt Show.

The Concept X6 is described as the world's first Sports Activity Coupé, though several other manufacturers have previously gone down the route of combining a coupé with a 4x4 SUV. More significantly, it's the first to be fitted with BMW's ActiveHybrid Technology and Dynamic Performance Control, both of which we'll try to explain as concisely as possible.

ActiveHybrid is actually a co-production involving General Motors and the company which will not for much longer be known as DaimlerChrysler. It involves a conventional internal combustion engine (BMW is not specifying petrol or diesel at this stage), two electric motors and a continuously variable transmission which can operate in high- or low-speed modes.

Dynamic Performance Control aims for the same result as other stability control systems - altering the speed of wheels as required to limit understeer or oversteer. In general, understeer situations are dealt with by braking one or both the wheels on the inside of the corner, but with Dynamic Performance Control extra power is instead transferred to the outer rear wheel.

The new 1-Series is of course the Coupé, and you can find the details about it in our recent news story. The latest on this car is the fact that BMW has now announced UK pricing, which ranges from £21,585 for the entry-level 120d ES, through £24,585 for the 123d SE (whose 204bhp engine is the most powerful four-cylinder diesel on the market) to £29,745 for the 306bhp twin-turbocharged three-litre 135i M Sport.

6-Series BMWs now benefit from the EfficientDynamics programme which has aided fuel economy and cut CO2 emissions in other ranges. There are some mild styling changes too, but the really big news is that BMW has introduced its 286bhp three-litre turbo diesel engine to the line-up, creating what it calls "the world's first diesel-powered luxury GT".

Prices for the updated 6-Series range from £49,300 for the 630i Coupé to £63,215 for the 650i Sport Convertible. The 635d - that's the diesel one - costs from £53,910 to £61,800 depending on trim level and body style.