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Camera war on menace drivers

No hiding for drivers who drink or eat or use phone

Traffic chiefs in Manchester have revealed a pilot scheme using portable cameras to identify people using mobile phones at the wheel, but the cameras will also target motorists eating or drinking if their driving appears erratic. It is not against the law to eat at the wheel but you could still be fined by police if they believe your actions impaired your driving. These people will be brought before the courts or sent on a driver improvement course. It has been reported that despite all the publicity and enforcement drivers are still running risks and distraction is one of the major causes of crashes. In 51 crashes, drivers using mobile phones have been identified as key contributory factors.

New laws came into force last week; the new offence of causing death by careless driving will carry up to five years' imprisonment. It toughens the penalties for motorists who kill because they were ‘avoidably distracted’ this will include calling or texting on a mobile phone, drinking or eating, adjusting a satellite navigation system or car stereo, applying make-up or reading a map.

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