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Car Cleaning trends by Jason Dawe

Apparently only one in four of us clean the inside of our cars more than once a year

Hardly a week goes by when we are not ‘celebrating’ some new anniversary or national day of action. If it isn’t ‘no-smoking day’ it’s ‘National Leylandi trimming week’ or ‘Go to work on a skateboard’ month. I was not surprised to find that we are now apparently in the midst of ‘Spring Cleaning Week’. I haven’t seen the cards in the shops yet, but feel it can only be a matter of time. How partners will react receiving a card reminding them it is time to really sort out that pile of laundry and paint the front room remains to be seen.

Of course, there is some marketing with a car angle, obviously in the hope of shaming us all into buying tons of nice car cleaning kit. Apparently only one in four of us clean the inside of our cars more than once a year (that often?) Some bright spark has even gone so far to make the earth shattering deduction that interior rubbish might devalue a car in terms of resale worth! But I always wanted a Mondeo with a gym bag full of old shirts and the remains of several take outs in the passenger well!

Without sounding like Sid the Sexist, the researchers found that chaps were actually tidier with their cars than the ladies. A quarter of males wash their cars once a week, compared with just 14% of females. My sister-in law will be the first to admit this, as she always believes that a coating of mud keeps the fresh damage to the bumpers concealed from my brothers despairing gaze.

I don’t really know where all this is going to lead – perhaps it is something as innocuous as the nanny state merely deciding that we will all clean our houses and cars on the same week each year, or something more sinister…

‘Two Minute Hate’ at your local 4x4 dealers anyone?

Happy Motoring!


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