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Car Insurance Companies to clamp down on ‘fronting’

‘Fronting’ the practice of a parent insuring a car that is primarily used by their child in order to get a cheaper premium

Insurers are clamping down on the practice of ‘fronting’ and many are training their staff to be on higher alert for tell-tale signs. A fronted policy is one in which the older experienced driver persuades the insurer that they are the main driver and that their child is simply a named driver, and the car is based at their home address. Most parents are unaware that such a practice is fraudulent.

Insurance can often cost a young driver who owns a car more than a thousand pounds a year; because they have not built up any no-claims bonus and they are seen as a far greater risk than older drivers. If a parent is put down as the main driver on the insurance policy, it can significantly lower the price. Premiums are cut by hundreds of pounds but claims are rejected as the driver is told they are not properly insured. Young drivers can find themselves in court. If an insurance company believes ‘fronting’ has taken place the driver can be treated as driving without insurance, face a fine and six points on their licence.

Mike Pickard, Head of Risk and Underwriting at esure car insurance, said: "Fronting is fraud despite many people thinking it is a legitimate way of massaging premiums down with a few white lies. The simple rule is that if you're deliberately trying to give your insurer the impression of a very safe set of circumstances when you know that the truth is different, you are probably fronting."

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