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Choose your car colour with care!

Psychologists argue that the colour of your car says lots about who you are

Psychologists argue that the colour of your car says lots about who you are. They claim that buyer`s who go for red cars are sending out a signal of strength and aggression, where as black cars suggest sophistication and blue cars calmness. Whether or not its true is under some debate but what is definite is that the colour of car you buy can have a definite impact on your wallet when you come to sell it.

Research from used car price experts at Glass`s shows the right colour can add significant value to a car. Jeff Paterson, Glass`s Senior Car Editor commented, `colours like metallic silver can add around £250 to the value of many of the most popular superminis, up to £450 to family saloons and more than £500 to many prestige executive models.`

And it`s also true that some cars just look better in certain colours than others, silver Audi TT`s or a dark grey Maybach`s for example. And it seems that as a nation we`ve fallen in love with the colour silver. According to the SMMT silver is now the colour of choice for nearly a third of new car buyers! The number of new silver cars sold last year was up 119 per cent since 1998, accounting for 830,000 sales. And neutral colours like blue, black and grey have also increased in popularity during the past five years.

But colours like red and green have both fallen out of favour and a new car in white has now become a rarity on the roads. But as with all fashions tastes change, you never know in a few years time we might be returning to the oranges, browns and yellows of the 1970`s when trendy cars included yellow Hillman Avenger`s and brown Morris Marina coupes!

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