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Could a diesel car be false economy

Research shows it could take many years to recoup the benefits

The government has encouraged motorists to buy diesel models through its road tax policy and more than half the new cars in the UK run on diesel but according to research it could take years to recoup the extra cost.

A diesel car to buy, costs on an average £1400 more than the equivalent petrol model. Diesel now being significantly more expensive than petrol means that the pump price and the initial purchase of the diesel vehicle could mean a false economy.

Buying a diesel Mini could take a driver up to seven years to break even; a Ford Mondeo diesel could take six years and a BMW 318 diesel up to 28 years. Buying diesel is not an automatic switch to cut price motoring.

The positive view is that eventually motorists will break even and for the environment diesel produces less harmful carbon dioxide. The fuel is more cost effective than petrol as it provides more miles to the gallon.

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