Council To Pay Back Hundreds Of Parking Fines

Council to pay back hundreds of drivers fined for displaying parking tickets face down that could not be read by traffic warden.

Drivers Fined For Having Parking Ticket Face Down To Be Paid Back

Canterbury City Council is to pay back hundreds of motorists it fined for having parking tickets face down that could not be read by traffic wardens. This change of policy follows a ruling at a tribunal that the council cannot reject a motorist's appeal if the parking ticket effectively fell over. This could set a precedent that has implications for other authorities which is interesting considering such car parks are known as “pay AND display”, not simply “pay”. A parking ticket can easily fall out of place. It might, for example, slide off the windscreen thanks to condensation, or blow out of position as the driver shuts the door.

James Walker is the founder of the customer complaint assistance service He told the Mirror: "Canterbury City Council's decision to change its policy on fines for flipped-over parking tickets shows how important it is to challenge a parking fine if you think it has been handed out unfairly.” Mr Walker continued: “If you can prove that you did have a valid parking ticket - or if you didn't pay but should have that there was a valid reason - you should always raise an appeal with the issuing authority.”

Grounds To Appeal A Parking Ticket

An authority might cancel a parking ticket for a wide range of reasons. There is the three minute rule, for example. This defence applies to a motorist that parks and is fined while paying for a ticket. Poor instructions play a role too. Grounds for appeal include signs that are not clear, not visible, or incorrect. The blue badge is also a get out of jail free card. This enables the motorist to park – for free – in pay and display car parks and close to meters. A blue badge vehicle cannot be clamped. Consider public holidays too. Some areas provide free parking on bank holidays, so a wrongly issued fine can be questioned on this basis. 

A parking ticket might also be cancelled due to mitigating circumstances. Perhaps the vehicle broke down, for example. Alternatively the motorist might have: stopped to clear debris from the road, be dealing with an emergency, suffering a recent bereavement, attending a funeral or dropping off a patient at hospital. Furthermore, the council is likely to take a sympathetic view if the vehicle was stolen. The motorist, after all, cannot fairly be held responsible for an offence committed by a thief. Evidence to back-up such claims should be provided (when possible). 

Parking tickets are an important cash raiser for Councils, as the motorist is an easy target. Don't expect any sympathy from the jobsworth pen-pushers at County Hall!

The same happened to me in 2013 with Reading council, I purchased a ticket and it had blow over once I had closed the door, on my return there was a parking ticket. The council refused to accept my defence, I took it to the tribunal and ensured that the council had failed to provide a ticketing system that was robust to ensure display (no peel back adhesive), the tribunal upheld my defence. Three weeks later a friend of mine had the same issue in the same car park, he sent my originall response to the council and they cancelled his fine, four weeks later the ticket machine was dispensing peel back adhesive. Fight the b"£%^$ds.

Expect a rise in council tax or parking charges to compensate for their loss

Keep on paying your own daft fines then Mr wasp !

The statement "The blue badge is also a get out of jail free card. This enables the motorist to park – for free – in pay and display car parks and close to metres." isn't quite true. In some pay and display car parks, blue badge holders can only park for free in designated disabled bays. If they park elsewhere in the car park they have to pay.

"The blue badge is also a get out of jail free card. This enables the motorist to park – for free – in pay and display car parks and close to metres." This is not always so, many hospitals and other public bodies levy charges on all vehicles, irrespective of whether they have a Blue Badge or whether or not they park in a designated Disabled Parking Bay. Such charges should be abolished nationwide, but only the Government is empowered to enact legislation to this effect. I think that a campaign should be launched to bring this about, after all, the whole point of the scheme is to help the disadvantaged, not penalise them.

In Rugby a few weeks ago the main town centre car park was taken over by 'travellers'. 50% of the space taken up by vehicles and caravans, none with valid parking. 100 metres away on the street a parking enforcement officer was issuing tickets to motorists overstaying by a few minutes. When I challenged one and asked why he wasn't ticketing the travellers he replied it was 'outside his jurisdiction'. Small wonder out of town shopping is thriving around Rugby while the town centre dies.

Proof that if you are a gippo you can get away with anything.

Councils are milking their public for all their worth due to a substantial reduction in central government funding . Travellers are too hard to deal with.

Wonder if all the bailiff fees will be refunded for those tickets that went to bailiffs for enforcement? I'll bet they won't.

Err. Which part of my message states that I'll be paying any fines?????? I suggest you read my message again to clarify or maybe again, again & again.

The problem with appealing is the long drawn out process of having all your initial letters rejected that took hours to compile (and with the associated evidence - photos etc), and then arranging a day to attend for example a Central London office, which if successful saves you the £100 or so, I assume most people will not want to waste so much time on such a trivial matter, that is totally non productive, and stressful too with the bailiffs ready to move in. Hence, the Councils 'win' their unfair, and unjust tickets too, effectively robbing the motorist!

All very true

Pathetic all tickets issued on that day or subsequent days while the Travellers were parked and not ticketed should be appealed I bet they would win if the council rejected them and they re take yo a higher court

Why should Dissabled Drivers get free parking, they get Benefits like everyone else to suit their needs and in lots of cases this includes a FREE CAR and TAX as well as their Benefit Money, so why should people that get these Benefits and money be allowed to park for free, everyone that uses a car park does so for a reason, so everyone should have to pay, out of their BEnefits if needed