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Cut the cost of fuel

Fill up your car for less

With rising fuel prices due later this month, Ministers have announced there will be a 2p rise there are ways to keep your costs down. If you are buying a new car choose one with good fuel economy and think about whether a diesel version would suit you better. Diesel cars only seem to be advantageous if you are running a large or luxury car. With small cars there does not seem to be much difference as the higher list price of most diesel models offsets any fuel consumption savings.

Fill up at supermarket petrol stations such as Asda, Morrsions, Sainsburys and Tesco according to the AA these are on average 2p a litre cheaper than petrol retailers such as BP, Esso, Shell and Texaco. Checking the website will help you locate the cheapest fuel stations in your area just by simply entering your postcode. Always avoid filling up on the motorway as some stations charge up to 5p more a litre for petrol and diesel. The gap between petrol and diesel has narrowed to just 2.1p a litre compared with a 13.4p difference in the summer of 2008. The 2p rise will result in every motorist spending around £29 more on fuel next year, with drivers forking out an extra £1.16 for every tank of petrol. The RAC have tipped petrol prices to hit 120p a litre by the end of the year.

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