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Dealing with Dealers

In a world of hardened professionals how can you secure a great deal?

Car dealers are a fearsome bunch. They squeeze consumers for every penny. So, in a world of hardened professionals how can you secure a great deal?

Before negotiating research the vehicle's value. Consult price guides and compare the prospect to other examples. Once you define how much to pay consider other factors. Does the vehicle require servicing prior to sale? This process establishes a negotiating baseline.

Start negotiating with a realistic offer. Be assertive and deal with issues not personalities. Try to establish “give and take” dialogue and remain fair minded. Avoid making concessions unless you receive something in return and never rush important decisions.

Stay alert for traps. Dealers sometimes make inflated offers for trade-ins to secure sales. They recoup costs by overcharging for the replacement vehicle. Also, distinguish between retail and trade values when evaluating concessions. Free tyres may save consumers £200 but cost dealers considerably less.

Negotiating can be an enjoyable experience. However, stay focused as dealers barrage consumers with irrelevances. The only consideration is achieving the baseline. This confident, friendly, and logical approach should ensure a successful outcome.

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