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Detroit Motor Show unveils VW Bluesport Concept

Officially a concept but the VW Bluesport has got pulses racing

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Request a VOLKSWAGEN test drive

The VW Bluesport Concept is a pretty little mid-engined two seater sports car that could go into production within three years depending on the reaction to it. Cross your fingers with a bit of luck this could actually get built.

The car looks a lot like an Audi TT with a Scirocco nose, but could also remind you of a Porsche Boxster. It's also a tidy package at just over 13 feet in length, with a 96-inch wheelbase, a front track of 58.5 inches and a rear track of 60 inches so it's about the same size as the TT, but in reverse.

The two door roadster sports an 180bhp, 2.0-litre turbo diesel or a 170bhp, 1.4-litre Twin charger petrol engine. The diesel engine is claimed to deliver more than 65mpg in EU Combined cycle tests, combined with CO2 emissions of about 113g/km. It is expected to have a top speed of 140 and will be capable of 0-60 in 6.2 seconds.