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Jason Dawe talks about driving clothes

Whatever happened to the ‘car coat’? Probably went the same way as the driving gloves, usually string backed and beloved of William Woollard in the early days of Top Gear. As our cars have become more luxurious, with the added benefits of air con and heating systems that work, less of us find that we have to actually dress to drive. Why wear a thick coat when the ever reliable heater can make sure you arrive toasty warm. Of course, once you break down and find yourself struggling to change a tyre in the supposedly warm balmy nights we don’t seem to have been blessed with this summer—then is the time you might have wished you had that coat, and perhaps a pair of gloves!

There’s a lot to be said for some ‘retro’ driving practices, as my brother found out last week when his car drifted to a halt at the side of a rain lashed country road while he was clad in shorts, tee-shirt and sandals, thanks to a flat tyre. 20 minutes later, and soaked to the skin, he resumed his journey. When he pulled in at a garage it was pointed out to him that if he had used one of the many tyre repair aerosol kits on the market he could have inflated the tyre in a minute and it would have allowed him to get to a garage for a repair with the minimum of fuss. With so many of us off on our summer holidays in the next few days, the site of a family stood at the side of the road, surrounded by all their luggage while a flat tyre is changed is something we will all see. Words of advice from my brother—buy yourself a tyre repair aerosol and stick it in your car—especially if you are travelling on your own or with children—if nothing else it will let you get off the motorway if you are unlucky enough to get a puncture.

Just quickly—driving in high heels is not an issue most chaps have to confront, but it does seem that ladies do have a problem when driving in some shoes. The insurer Sheila’s Wheels found that 65% of you girls wanted some guidelines about what not to wear when driving! But before any blokes get smug out there—beware of the flip flops we all seem to wear—they may not be high heeled but when it comes to slipping off pedals or getting stuck, they can be just as bad! I’m off to slip on a pair of tailor made driving boots!!

Happy motoring!!

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