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Driving home for Christmas

77% of motorists don’t check their car for repairs before a long journey

77% of motorists don’t check their car for repairs before a long journey.

A massive 8.6 billion miles are expected to be travelled on the UK’s roads this festive season and many of them will be in unsafe vehicles according to new research.

Twenty five percent of UK drivers are ignoring the need to replace worn tyres, forty seven percent admit to failing to have windscreens chips repaired. Twenty six percent would wait for a windscreen chip to develop into a crack before thinking of getting it repaired and twenty nine percent confessed to delaying broken brake lights.

Overlooking necessary car maintenance before travelling could result in dangerous driving and even breaking the law. If a windscreen chip is in the driver’s line of vision then the glare from headlights from an oncoming vehicle could temporarily dazzle and blind the driver. Windscreen chips can be repaired in thirty minutes and can avoid windscreen replacement it is very cheap and sometimes can be covered on insurance.

Make those thorough checks before setting out this Christmas; remember the oil, water, windscreen washer and tyre pressure.
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