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Driving without insurance?

New vehicle recovery scheme to be launched

Lenders have joined forces with the police to help tackle illegal driving and take more illegal cars off the road. Driving without insurance is becoming a greater concern with an estimated 2.0 million uninsured motorists on the road.

The new Vehicle Recovery Scheme has been launched as part of a new partnership between the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) which represents the motor finance industry and regional police authorities.

It has been reported that police seized a record 170,000 uninsured vehicles during 2008. The scheme will hopefully make the roads safer for law abiding motorists and send a clear message to drivers breaking the law that their behaviour will not be tolerated by the police or finance providers. Because of this illegal behaviour, motor finance providers may be forced to increase their premiums to other drivers to cover the higher risks. The scheme is designed to allow motor finance companies to reclaim cars or vans which have been driven illegally and have been seized by the police.

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