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Drop Top Lexus IS Convertible

The drop top to compete with the German giants.

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Request a LEXUS IS test drive
In October of last year outlined the arrival of the Lexus IS convertible to the Paris motorshow. Although looking good and having credentials to compete with the Audi A5 convertible, and BMW 3 Series convertible it would be fair to say that the motor trade was quite sceptical about sales of the car with Lexus’s previous cabriolet the Lexus SC430 having the charm and popularity of Kerry Katona.

The Lexus IS I am pleased to say is much more refined than Lexus’s previous attempt, with much of the look of the saloon model from the front, the slanted front lights, chrome grille and edgy bonnet shape creates a sporty look, with the air intakes and hazard lights on the front bumper, complementing the image. Yet the rear end of the Lexus looks slightly dull, very similar it must be said to the BMW 3 Series convertible’s posterior without the subtle lines which give the German alternative a more pleasing view to those sat behind you in traffic.

Much like its German competitor in the coupé- cabriolet market the Lexus IS takes around 21 seconds to open the roof to the British sunshine, or more importantly takes 21 seconds to close the roof for our summer. Yet the fabric hood of the Audi A5 Convertible closes much quicker and on the move ensuring you and your passengers will keep slightly dryer in the Audi.

The metal roof however does have many benefits over the fabric versions in that it adds stability in driving when in place, and gives the glorious local hoodies a slightly improved challenge to reach your valuables, when parked in city centres.

The Lexus is surprisingly good at keeping its front passengers free of draft even with the roof and windows down, however the rear passengers are much more exposed to the elements, while their knees may be only able to take comparatively short journeys, however ample room in the boot when the roof is up can be hugely rewarding for those weekends away.

Not exactly spritely the Lexus IS comes with one engine option the 2.5ltr V6 producing 205bhp in a car which is 125kg heavier than its saloon brother, yet with softer suspension perhaps more subtle than the saloon but quite possibly a struggle on the winding roads of Cumbria.

The Lexus IS convertible is very competitively priced in the market starting at £34,550, and has bags of standard equipment thrown in to the mix, however high running costs could be the stone in the shoe for the Lexus sales team.

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