DVLA Warnings to Motorists in 2018

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency uses social media to confirm what you need to know to remain safe and legal

 Three key warnings

Protect your driving licence to minimise the risk of identity theft, get road tax or be penalised, and safeguard your car’s log book to stop its identity being swapped to a counterpart that is exploited by criminals, The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency says.

Driving licence

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Your driving licence contains a wealth of information. Examples include: full name, date of birth, address, place of birth, signature, entitlements and – depending when it was issued – a photograph. Criminals can use such information to steal your identity. For starters, they might then apply for a loan.

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It is, therefore, important to stop unauthorised parties seeing your licence (say) online. The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency warns: “Be careful on social media. Do not share photos of your driving licence.” Naturally, it is also important to safeguard any paperwork itself. Leave it at home when not required, for instance.

Road tax

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The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency further mentions vehicle excise duty via social media (road tax). “We can always spot a vehicle that is untaxed”, it warns. Potential consequences include:

  • Fine
  • Vehicle clamped (plus associated release fees)
  • Vehicle impounded (plus associated release fees)
  • Court case (plus associated legal fees)

This message has been emphasised by the recent Tax It Or Lose It Campaign. The television element opens with a shot of a quiet, residential, street. An untaxed car – that is visible but mostly transparent – is parked by the kerb. The transparency represents the keeper’s misconception that the authorities cannot see the car.

However, an enforcement van reverses towards it and the officer emerges. The scene is then interrupted by a written message and a voice over. “If you have not taxed your car we will find it. Tax it or lose it”, it says. The last shot shows the car has been clamped.

V5C log book

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The V5C log book contains a wide range of information about your car and facilitates its sale. It is, therefore, reasonable that a potential buyer inspects it. However, The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency states “do not share” too much information. Never:

  • Reveal the document reference number
  • Allow the potential buyer to make a copy

“Someone could use this information to get a fraudulent copy of your log book”, it stresses. Criminals might then transfer your vehicle’s identity to a stolen counterpart. Offences associated with that vehicle – both motoring and other - are then traced to your name and address. Expect a knock on your door from the police.

Check your tax due date and set up invaluable reminders

Hmm - Seems a lot of those risks of fraud are courtesy of the DVLA themselves! As is the loss in Road fund payments due to the loss of the Tax disc and people forgetting (it happens) Hint - Pay by annual direct debit eases the burden!

Yes DVLA are pretty lax with our data protection. Unlike with a credit card there is no way of suspending your driving licence and having a replacement issued with a new security code it your licence is stolen.

Could we call it Vehicle Tax rather than Road Tax please. It's an environmental tax on a vehicle's emissions. Those who refer to it as Road Tax have a tendency to assert some mythical superior rights over other road users.

i pay annual ddr it's just so much easier.

The motorist is guilty until proven innocent.

with all those problems,,,,,,i won`t bother with a money draining car ....!!!

And here I was thinking that the sole purpose of the DVLA was to pass on my name and address after some jobsworth accused me (falsely) of parking in City of Westminster without paying on 16th November last year. It has now got to their threatening me with court action after four months of phoning and emails trying to put them right, all to no avail. George Orwell had it bang on.

It seems the only way these days to prove you wasn't there or your vehicle wasn't there is to take a mobile phone photo when you park up or attend a function. But make sure your phone dates and times the photograph

All this information means nothing. Because the DVLA gives any drivers personal address and other details to any Tom, Dick, or Harry on the end of the phone, or any on line requirement. The person asking for the information could have nefarious intentions, even if they work for the parking companies. The DVLA doesn't know them from Adam. If you gave any one your next door neighbours details to anyone asking for it you would soon find yourself in hot water. Not so the DVLA, who by the way, get a disclosure fee to boot.

A DD does not stop DVLA giving away your details for payment.

Some people don't have that luxury.

As far as i am concerned the road tax or what ever its being called these days is a fee which allows me to drive on public roads.

Call me old fashioned if you like but I don't see why anybody would share a photo of their driving license and/or V5 document on social media. To be fair, maybe I am something of a dinosaur like that. I don't feel the urge to photograph my food in a restaurant, but millions do.

Come the Revolution!!

Road tax or whatever you prefer to call it is con... It used to I believe go to maintenance of the roads and judging by the state of them it just now pays MP's expenses claims..but my main gripe is that it should be on the fuel used...I am taxed heavily because of the age of my car and only a 1.2ltr but it exceeds the almost zero emission threshold...but that being said I do about 3000 miles a year and spend about £25 a month on fuel give or take yet pay around 160 a year in tax..were as a car with lower emissions can do in excess of 30,000 miles a year and pay nothing although the total emission output is far far greater than mine..not to mention the carbon footprint of the manufacturer and transport of this extra fuel..They call it emissions tax yet they haven't a single clue to big picture...just punish the people who cannot afford the upgrade or due to the low mileage do not think a new car is of any benefit to them... and not to mention the environmental damage it costs to produce a new hybrid car...which most experts predict would take around 15 years of driving to pay back the damage compared to sticking with my present car... what next minimum alcohol prices and sugar tax... oh yeah too late for that... I get stung now for all the overweight binge drinkers too

What's this myth you refer to? The one that requires motor users to (disproportionately) pay exorbitant tax to Westminster simply to drive their vehicle or on every single gallon of fuel they are obliged to purchase to make practical use of that vehicle perhaps (what is that government tax proportion again, on every gallon of fuel ? 80% ?) and thus "help" sustain the country's "general taxation" budget from which budget all road repairs (lol - what road repairs?) are carried out? Do "other" road users carry such a burden?

Under the new Data Protection Regs, GDPR, you are supposed to give explicit permission for your data to be used, they are also supposed to tell you exactly what data they hold and for what purpose, but I guess they just ignore that Law.

There is an absolute shed of a vehicle with a foreign registration plate, last taxed in its own country over 10years ago, driving around with impunity, also two German registered vehicles that have been resident in the UK for over 2years. DVLA have not the slightest interest in them.

But how can you take a photograph of where your car ISN'T parked?

When you hire a car they make a copy of your driving license. What happens after that is anyone's guess. How does DVLA handle this since the taking of a copy is part of the rules and regulations for hiring a car?

Basically the government tax anything that moves and anything that stays still. They even tax you (or more accurately, your children) when you are dead! They tax anything that you can't do without, your vices, your addictions. They would tax sex, if they thought they could find a way of doing it. They tax cars, booze, tobacco because they haven't reached the point where we give them up. Whether they spend it wisely, you can make up your own mind!

I'd be interested to know how much revenue has been gained/lost by dumping the old tax discs so now noone knows whether any vehicle is taxed/or not. Especially our foreign "visitors" who seem to be staying longer than the usual tourists....

Oh the IRONY! DVLA have you no shame? Well paid to give out exactly what they are saying we shouldn't!

I don’t dispute the burden of taxation falls heavy, and perhaps too heavily on some, but you miss the point. I’ve seen many who refer to so called Road Tax say they’ve paid to use the roads when other road users haven’t. They think this gives them a greater sense of entitlement. It doesn’t matter how disproportionate you see your contribution, you have no superior rights above other road users who have paid less.

What about all the uninsured cars on the road will they get a knock on the door. Only if they are involved in a crime. As for car tax what a joke. Approx. 30 to 40 billion go to the treasury every year, we should be able to drive to the moon and back with no potholes.

They do tax sex. There's tax on condoms.

A photo proves where you WAS parked. WHEN you were parked and the TIME and DATE. Then if it goes to court, ask them to prove that the camera tells lies. Because that's what they are inferring.

VAT is just purchase tax on almost everything you buy. You could avoid tax by trying other forms of birth control, which are free (and more fun!). There is also for safety "Prev" now,although expensive at £6k/year, but not taxed as it is a medicine. But we are getting a bit off subject here.

But you see, the original question was regarding a false accusation. How are you supposed to know WHEN you need to take a photo of your car when 2 weeks later you discover you have been accused of being somewhere you weren't? I don't take photos of my car at regular 10 minute intervals on the off-chance that I might later be told it was 100 miles away.

So how are you going to check the tax on an E.U number pate, I reported several neigbourghs and no action taken. They infact told them I had reported them so I am now under sigde from the unsavoury people. WIth the abolition of the road tax disc it is harder to identify cars. Why dont you just put road fund on fuel. The more you use the more you pay, no one can avoid it. An MOT can be done via ARPR, however not to overseas number plates. If you are a British motorists you are a cash cow.

There was also tax on light that is why older houses had such small windows, if the British govt do this to thier own what did they do the Africans, Indians, and Chinese?

DVLA will only give out information for a fee which accompanies an application form. You have to give good reason with photographic evidence. As for you being falsely accused, just ignore it all until they issue a small claim summons at which point they should offer clear evidence of you parking. Clearly they won't be able to offer anything and so they won't win any case against you.

We have an untaxed (since June 2018) car in our street. It's been reported to the DVLA via their website, but they have done nothing! It's still untaxed!

There was a time when I sent my old driving licence back to DVLA because I'd changed my address. I took the precaution of cutting it into little pieces - especially obscuring the bits with information on - before I did so, and thought no more of it... then the envelope I'd sent it in was returned to me, damaged, by Royal Mail. With an apology, of course. No sign of my little bits of card. I contacted DVLA about this, and was told that although they ask for the old licences to be returned, they don't actually keep a record of having received them...! I wasn't worried about my old one being used for identity theft as I'd lacerated it so thoroughly, but I haven't sent a driving licence back to DVLA since then. I prefer to ritually destroy them at home.

An "environmental tax"which they use for painting cycle lanes or otherwise screwing with the road in general, rather than developing more environmentally friendly sources of fuel or anything to do with the environment for that matter.

What is the use of keeping our driving license and vehicle detail secure whe DVLA sell these details to the highest bider

Quite right too.

Robert: you need to seek psychiatric help. You have anger issues.

So who's supposed to pay for public services then?

Not really. It's the usual problem that people want services without paying for them.

Presumably Robert does.

I like the idea of ritual destruction. Let's organise a party.

Correct on fuel. Though any government is wary of this because of road freight and hence potential inflation.

Lawrence: you're old fashioned. Bet you don't listen to twats tweeting either.

Yeah! Though you're first up against the wall, sadly.

Ha ha, it's uncanny. How did you guess?

How do you know it's untaxed? Unless you are either a cop or work for the DVLA, there's no way to tell these days.

M'lud, I refer the court to Joe Lycett's photograph of his car clearly showing it parked on the moon.

You go to the DVLA website.

No they don’t. Road tax is not ringfenced for environmental projects, it just goes into the general tax collected “pot”. I do agree with you, though, that more needs to be done to improve the environment in relation to road transport.