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Egg shaped two seater Aptera

The futuristic car that compares to the flying cartoon car in the The Jetsons

There have been 4000 customer orders already for the egg shaped Aptera and plans to produce 10,000 a year.

The company producing the vehicle are based in the US they are marketing the car as a money saver; buyers can order an electric, hybrid or traditional powertrain. The executives of this company believe the 100 miles per gallon (42 km per litre) range points the way to the future. The electric version has a 100 mile range per charge and can be recharged by plugging into a regular electric outlet.

The Aptera looks more like an aircraft than a car; the roof attached doors will make getting in and out quite a challenge.

The company's early investors include company incubator Idealab, Google Inc's philanthropic arm and Esenjay Petroleum.

The price of the Aptera ranges from £18,000 to £28,000. The 4000 orders already in place will be fulfilled by the middle of next year. The purchasers are mainly tech savvy affluent men who will use Aptera as a second car.

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