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Electric car charging points plan

Government plan for network of electric car charging points

Following on from the article about the new electric MINI to become unveiled and the news that in the near future the Government will want all mechanics to double up as electricians, it seems that the future of the automotive industry is set to be electric cars. Surely all but the most staunch petrol heads can accept this switch in culture on the basis that we can still have our dirty little petrol fixes when ever we fancy attacking a B-Road, and that someone promises to teach us how to safely fill up the water without being thrown through the garage wall with 20,000 vaults coursing through our system.

With the news today of the 11 million pound scheme to create a network of electric charging stations so that electric car drivers can commute more than what would be a sensible walking distance has been unveiled. The plan which could link the various cities of England, and Glasgow has been announced (presumably the government doesn’t expect the rest of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to use electric cars any time soon).

It is envisaged that as many as 50,000 electric and plug-in hybrid cars could be on Britain's roads by the middle of the next decade, however as yet the major drawback has been the simple fact that these cars can barely travel more than 70 miles without needing a surge of electricity through their veins.

It can only be assumed however that the Government is planning on not only fully embracing Nuclear power stations, so as to not make this a contradictive exorcise, but also invest in charging stations which can vastly increase the charging speed of cars from the several hours it takes at present.

The electric car industry is still in its infancy, with cars struggling thus far to make batteries which can go long distances, or charge quickly for economical prices, although this scheme will the Government hope, come into place as car companies get over this hurdle.

Surely there will become a point when so many people are using electric cars, the large fuel corporations will have more petrol, and will feel the need to compete, creating cheaper petrol for me.

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