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Extreme Weather Warning for Motorists

Treacherous travel conditions were predicted for much of the UK today

Forecasters predicted extreme weather for much of the UK with eastern and southern England seeing the heaviest snowfalls. Meteorologists described the conditions as an ‘extreme weather event’ and advised motorists to check the roads before leaving home.

The Highways Agency’s fleet of more than 500 salt spreaders, snow ploughs and snow blowers is on standby and salt spreading began over the weekend. Officials told motorists to check forecasts before setting out. They also recommended packing food, water, a torch and a spade as well as warm clothes.

A spokesman from the AA said that “motorists often treat their car like an overcoat, but when you break down you are suddenly vulnerable to the weather. If you break down on a motorway, the safety advice is to get out of the car and wait behind the barrier. You need extra clothes for this.” Motorists who fail to ensure that they have warm clothing and extra layers are ‘flirting with hypothermia’. Temperatures fell below freezing last night and the snow fall is the most extreme that we have experienced for the last six years causing treacherous conditions for drivers.

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