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Fiat Qubo Trekking Makes Sure-Footed Debut

The Fiat Qubo is a terrifying beast.

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Request a FIAT QUBO test drive
The Fiat Qubo is a terrifying beast. The slightest mention of this compact multi-purpose vehicle makes me cower in fear behind the nearest tree. This is partly due to a secret wood fetish, but mostly because the Qubo resembles a hideous bug-eyed monster.

Unnervingly, Fiat are now unleashing a 'tough' addition to the range - the Qubo Trekking. This model is distinguished from its stable-mate by the sturdy bumper and increased ride-height, but the main advantage is the Traction+ system. This electronic differential helps to maximise front wheel traction in slippery conditions. It works by braking a driven wheel (as it looses grip) and transfering power to the opposite tyre.

That is the good news. The bad news is there is not much power to transfer. The Qubo Trekking has a 1.3-litre diesel engine producing 75bhp and 190Nm of torque. This may sound reasonable, but this quirky Italian takes 16.5 seconds to crawl to 62mph. All of a sudden this monster looks tame. Perhaps now a certain motoring enthusiast can stop hiding in woodland.

The Fiat Qubo Trekking will be available in 2010 from £12,650 on-the-road.

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