Free Road Tax on Kia Picanto

Fancy some free road tax? Try the new Kia Picanto.

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Request a KIA PICANTO test drive
Fancy some free road tax? Try the new Kia Picanto. Why? Because cars registered from March 1st 2001 are taxed according to their carbon emissions - and this city car is extremely efficient considering its pint-sized price. So, how does the road tax system work? Every car sits on a scale ranging from A to M, with each letter associated with a particular price. These costs can vary for brand new machinery, and those requiring subsequent tax discs. For example, a car sits in band 'I' if its emissions range from 176g/ km to 185g/km. The first year rate for petrol and diesel cars in this category is £325, falling to £215 from year two. Furthermore, it costs £1,030 to tax the most polluting 'M' cars in year one - then £475. To claim a free tax disc emissions must be 100g/km, or less.

That brings us back to the Kia Picanto. Of the eleven versions on sale, seven can be taxed for free both in year one and thereafter. As such, the range's emissions is as low as 99g/km. This, of course, means that this three-door city car is fuel efficient too. It averages up to 67.3mpg, and returns up to 78.5mpg on the extra-urban cycle. Good stuff. Even through town - where cars historically guzzle gas - the Picanto manages up to 52.3mpg. This tax dodger also has a seven year warranty, composed handling, and a few nice gadgets. Prices range from £7,795 to £11,195. It will soon cost more to tax a powerful car.