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Government Must Act to Support Motor Industry

Urgent government action is needed to support Britain's motor industry

Urgent government action is needed to support Britain's motor industry, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). During the first two months of last year, 231,707 cars were registered. By contrast, only 166,466 have been registered in 2009.

'New car registrations continue to decline and although government recognises the strategic importance of the UK motor industry, urgent action is still needed,' said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive.

'Other European countries have been proactive in assisting their automotive industries and it is imperative that UK government increases the pace in responding to industry proposals for a scrappage scheme and access to finance and credit.'

Government finances are inevitably stretched during recessions. After all, expenditure often increases while tax revenue falls. However, supporting the motor industry keeps people in work - and that aids economic recovery.

I knew the trade weren't selling many cars, but that's a huge drop off since 08.

if people have cars older than 10years how can they possible to buy new evenwith th goverment disscountmust it be brand new or can buy an up todate model if they have a car at than do you not think thats because they simply did no have money to buy new car there are also people the soley depend on there car even mental health problems and are from one parent i think this scheme is yet again to aim for the not so off people many thank

I think 0% intrest would have been better as you can get a larger discount when you buy a new car.