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Government offer to scrap your old car

Next weeks budget will announce new scheme

Motorists will receive £2000 in return for scrapping their old cars under a scheme in next weeks Budget.

Chancellor Alistair Darling is expected to offer the payout in the form of a voucher redeemable on a new or almost new model for anyone getting rid of a car more than nine years old. It is believed that issues were still being worked out but the scheme will appear in the Budget next Wednesday.

Car registrations are down by more than thirty percent on a year ago. The German government introduced the scheme in January and this has led to a 21 percent rise in vehicle sales in February, the number in the UK fell by 21 percent in the same month. A similar scheme in France has not been quite so successful but buyers only receive £1000 for vehicles over ten years old. China and Brazil boosted car sales to record levels last month with tax incentives for buyers.

Britain’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has been pushing for the allowance for months and has criticised the Government for dragging its feet over the scheme.

The introduction of a scrappage scheme could create a demand for up to 250,000 new vehicles and remove an equal number of old and heavily polluted vehicles from our roads which can only be good for the environment. The scheme needs to be put in place as soon as it is announced if it is going to help save the motor industry.

£5000 incentive for electic cars article

Well, I am sure the SMMT would love taxpayer subsidy, just as the Retail Fish and Chip Shop Association would love taxpayer subsidy on Fish and Chips!Why on earth should the UK taxpayer subsidise scrapping perfectly good 9-year old cars, with lots of life left in them?It will ruin businesses of many motor traders. Someone who deals in older cars will see their sales market disappear in the blink of an eye.Disturbingly, Automotive Management magazine forums have included suggestions by some people in the motor trade that stockpiling old cars and registering them in the names of friends and family is a smart move (to trade them in against new stock in exchange for subsidy). I suggest this scheme will expose corruption and bad practise in the motor trade on a large scale. How will the industry deal with future reports of greedy dealers manipulating a scrappage scheme?Prof. Garel Rhys, says: it is almost certain to push up the average retail cost of cars

I feel the scheme is unfair, I have a 02 plate Rover and the trade in value against a new car is only 1000, this is half the value of the scrappage scheme, I would be prepared to scrap the vehicle but as it is under the nine years there would be no allowances made. GB

What about all the classics? This will surely put up the price of classic cars, and will only increase their removal from the road. We will all be driving bland horrible vauxhalls in the future. PLEASE do not let this legislation through!!!

this will only lead to a car at 4000 just now when this scrapcar voucher becomes a reality the same car that was 4000 will then be 6000 check car prices just now then when this comes into force my cars a 1997 i wont be scrapping it though

it is unrealistic to suppose a person running an old car can aford a new one. i run a 21 year old car and will be replacing it with a car costing no more than 1000 when it finally fails its mot big time!

This is a good scheme - however if the government want us to buy new cars why put the minimum of 12 months ownership as a rule. I have had my car for less than a year(hand-me-down) but would love to buy a new car, but this offer won't apply to me.

I am a machine tool service engineer and for the pass decade or more I have seen British industry wickled away broken up and shipped abroad for a quick profit by so call Entrepreneurs who have no interest in the state of their country from where I am standing looking at goverments and the bigger players of the business community all I can see is a group greedy FURENGIES

Being Environmental is about Reuse & Recycling. This scheme will enable manufacturers to destroy not just vehicles but all the parts that could be recycled. Watch the price of New Parts for older cars go up as more Recyclable Vehicles end up scrapped. I am the Chairman of Find-A-Part

This will be another schemeturned into a get rich quickruse by car sharks,who will only add the two thousand pounds on before pricing and advertising their cars to get their profits back...

I have a Japanese import 1997 and would like to get involved with this scheme but as the car did not come to the UK until 2001 I am not eligible, I have owned it since that date though

have a Ford Fiesta first registered 2nd August 2001 will I be able to get 2000 for it next year?

53 reg fiat punto