Greedy Car Tax Dodgers Targeted by New DVLA Campaign

Selfish, inconsiderate, car tax dodgers targeted by region specific campaign that highlights the penalties if caught

Penalties for not having car tax

Car tax dodgers have been targeted in the areas there is most offending by a new, hard-hitting, and sobering campaign that emphasises the penalties, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency reveals. Its purpose is to ensure – as is reasonable – that motorists make a contribution towards maintaining the road network.

Drivers that consider themselves above the law face various sanctions. There is a fine, of course. They can also have their cars immobilised via bright, prominent, yellow clamps. Being clamped is inconvenient, embarrassing, and there is a release charge. Furthermore, vehicles can be impounded which incurs additional costs. Either way, the overdue tax still has to be paid.

Campaign message

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At the core of the campaign is a picture of several cars parked outside a row or terrace houses. It is a familiar residential scene. Once such vehicle is not taxed, though. It is therefore virtually obscured by an oversized clamp. ‘We are clamping untaxed cars in your area’, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency confirms.

The campaign incorporates regional elements, too. London, for example, is where the largest number of people feel they have a right to offend. In 2018, 122,155 fell foul of the law. On this basis, social media posts emphasise the consequences via messages such as ' If your car isn’t taxed, we’ll find it. Don’t get caught, get taxed #TaxItOrLoseIt', and 'Remember to tax your car! If you don’t it may be clamped or towed away. Is it worth the extra expense? #TaxItOrLoseIt'

This region specific theme is replicated elsewhere. In Northern Ireland, Birmingham and Manchester, for starters. The table below reveals the regions plus the number of offenders penalised in 2018.

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No excuse

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The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency’s Head of Enforcement, Tim Burton, said: ‘This campaign has a clear message for anyone who flouts the law – tax it or lose it’. He added that it has ‘never been easier’ to tax a car. It can be done 24 hours a day online, for instance. There is ‘no excuse’ whatsoever, Mr Burton concludes.

Check your tax due date and set up your invaluable reminders

A car cannot be taxed online unless the car is insured at the date of tax renewal so where insurance expires just before the date of tax renewal date the online facility cannot be used as it takes 7 -14 dates for insurance company to update their records. Would appreciate Tim Burton to rectify this anomoly

Of course some of this lies directly at the door of the DVLA in getting rid of the tax disc. The clear visual reminder to both the driver and anyone else that the car is or isn't taxed. Wonder how much the bozo who thought of getting rid of the tax disk got as a bonus?

@brianN2 It almost makes you think they did it deliberately to see who they could catch out, doesn't it?


Then that's a fault of your insurance company and you need to make an issue with them. I have taxed cars on same day as I took out insurance, with Halifax, eSure and Castle. With Halifax it was just an hour gap, and my daughter taxed her car straight after completing insurance deal on internet

I have just bought a second-hand car and as a “Blue Badge” semi-disabled driver I am entitled to 50% discount on my car tax. Unfortunately, the DVLA won’t allow people like me to apply or pay for it on-line. I have to get the correct forms, have photocopies made of supporting official documents and buy a postal order (at an exorbitant charge!) and then send it all to the DVLA in the post. The turn around for this to all happen is approximately 4 - 6 weeks. After talking to the DVLA the only way that I could tax my car immediately (it will have to be parked on the public road outside my home) is to apply on-line without the discount and make a false declaration in the “Taxation Class” box. When I eventually receive my V5C (log-book) I can then re-apply, through the post, for another V5C with “Disabled” in the taxation class and they will refund me the 50% on the remaining full months left on the year’s road tax.

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Welcome to the world of government incompetence and it knows no bounds!

My God! They still make Postal Orders???

@ brianN2 What are you talking about? None of it lies at the door of the DVLA, the DVLA write to all motorists to remind them to re-tax or SORN their vehicles. Sounds like you are making excuses for slovenly motorists to me. Lol, the tax disc system was a joke and ripe for being taken advantage of. The electronic version is the best way to administor and patrol this system of taxation.

There is an untaxed car parked on the road by me I have reported it 4 times!! No action taken?