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Harassed chefs 'top drive risk'

Manchester accident black spot in insurance survey

To avoid the worst drivers in Britain, steer clear of north west England - and head right to Scotland.

For motorists in most danger of accidents are likely to be a male chef at the wheel of a Lexus living in Oldham and a female hairdresser from Manchester with a BMW, a survey has found.

The next riskiest towns are Blackburn and Bolton, say car insurers Diamond. But its look at occupations, cars and locations also found Scots are least likely to make claims.

Safest are a policeman driving a Skoda in Inverness and a female assistant teacher with a Saab in Perth.

Diamond said of the north west factor: "The concentration is surprising. But a chef has a high pressure job and for some reason hairdressers have always had more prangs."

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