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How is your pressure?

Jason Dawe talks about tyre pressures

Putting you on the spot for a moment, answer me this without looking—what should your car tyre pressures be? Not so long ago you could rely on the fact that when you went for a tyre pressure check on the forecourt of your local filling station, the chances were that nearby would be a metal board appearing to list every tyre ever made, along with all the correct pressures.

But sadly, these displays seem to be disappearing, and frequently we are confronted with nothing more than a gauge that asks us to input what the correct pressure should be, then it does the rest. Cue huge confusion for a goodly proportion of us as we then try and remember what we last inflated our tyres to.

October is Tyre Safety Month, which focuses on the vital part that tyres play in road safety and highlights the importance of having correctly inflated tyres, not just in terms of road safety but also their role in conserving fuel and reducing greenhouse gases.

Under-inflated tyres, combined with bad driving practice, cost UK motorists over £2 billion in extra fuel, and are responsible for the release of 5.5 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year. Severely deflated tyres are also a serious safety risk, as a vehicle’s handling can be adversely affected, leading to a potential accident.

Drivers not aware of the correct tyre pressures for their vehicle can log on to the TyreSafe website - — and by simply typing in their car’s registration number the correct pressure will be displayed on screen—now what could be simpler than that? (apart from then remembering it…!)

Happy motoring!!

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