How To Drive The Car of Your Dreams

One monthly payment to give you access to a number of cars...

Porsche have unveiled a new membership scheme that will allow customers to drive and live with a number of Porsches.

This new and exclusive club is being trialled in Atlanta, US, as we speak. It will be called the ‘Porsche Passport’ and it will be operated via the Porsche Passport app.

The scheme starts from $2,000 a month for the “Launch” membership which will grant you access to eight Porsche models, including the Macan S, Cayenne and Cayman S.

On top of this, you can pay up to $3,000 a month for the “Accelerate” membership, whereby you are given access to a 911 Carrera S, Macan GTS, Cayenne S and a Panamera 4S.

This is an inclusive price, which covers things like tax, registrations, insurance, maintenance costs and much more.

“Porsche Passport will provide increased choice and flexibility for new target groups in the Atlanta market,” said Vince Zappa, President of Clutch Technologies. “Clutch is proud to be the enabling technology behind the service.”

All of the above echoes the new ownership cycle that Volvo announced last month, whereby the owner pays a fixed amount each month to be given the keys to a new Volvo XC40 with the option to swap it for different models throughout ownership.

It looks like a number of manufacturers are investigating the potential of a revised vehicle ownership cycle. The alternative would be to sign up to a Supercar owners club like Auto Vivendi, but you might need to have a Supercar to throw in the pot first...