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Hummer HX concept

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Video games have a lot to answer for. What else could possibly have inspired the trio of young designers who penned this wild looking Hummer concept?

In fact it looks so much like a refugee from Halo 3 that it wouldn't be at all surprising if GM parachuted it onto its stand at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show.

Hummer is proudly boasting that that HX concept is smaller than the new to our shores H3 model but at 81 inches wide, the go-anywhere HX would still find itself stymied by urban width-restrictors. Still, it certainly looks like there is little that could stop it otherwise thanks to a compact wheelbase, short overhangs and full underbody armour. Looking somewhat like the offspring of the military Humvee, thanks to its matt olive drab paintwork, and a Baja beach buggy, the HX features a number of removable or changeable body panels to increase both its off-road ability and practicality. Hummer HX (image © Hummer)

The roof panels, fastback rear glass and even the doors can all be quickly removed to create an exposed to the elements dune basher and to help with tight spots out in the wilds the flared wheelarches covering the mammoth 35-inch tall tyres can be removed with a few twists of an allen key. The sloping beetle back of the concept can also be replaced with a more traditional boxy covering top provide more space although the interior is strictly limited to four people who each get their own bucket seat and four-point safety harness. Hummer HX (image © Hummer)

The interior is aircraft inspired, featuring exposed aluminium spars, drilled for lightness, supporting the seats and a hefty crossbeam supporting the instrument cluster. The seats themselves are trimmed in water-resistant neoprene as used to make wetsuits and the floor is rubber, presumably so you can hose out all the dirt that will find its way into the car if you take the doors off. The dashboard comprises three LCD screens mimicking conventional instruments but which can be reconfigured to reflect driving conditions so when off-roading in low-ratio mode the redundant speedometer becomes a wheel angle display. Hummer HX (image © Hummer)

Also inside the HX are a plethora of tools should the going get too tough including a torch, first aid kit and collapsible shovel. These are all neatly housed within the door panels which can of course be left back at the ranch during serious off-roading. Anyone else spotted the flaw? At least the winch in the front bumper could then prove useful. What the interior doesn't feature is a conventional radio/CD player, instead having a USB docking port for an MP3 player which can then be played through the integrated speakers. Hummer HX (image © Hummer)

Motive power is provided by an upturned steam iron by the looks of the underbonnet photo but apparently that's actually a 3.6-litre V6 engine designed to run on E85 bioethanol and driving all four wheels. It is of course fired up by a starter button, this one mounted under a flap, the like of which is usually seen preventing a submarine commander accidentally firing off his nukes. Front and rear locking differentials and an anti-roll bar that can be electronically disconnected boost the car's all terrain ability. Any off-road derring-do can be captured by the camera mounted in the rear-view mirror and stored on the built in hard drive, allowing drivers to rewind their favourite moments. Just like a computer game really.