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In-car Wif-fi!

In-car internet technology to be introduced

Technology is now moving on yet again. Car manufacturers plan to introduce in-car internet technology allowing passengers to access the web whilst on the move. It is reported that Chrysler is the most advanced at the moment, they hope to have wi-fi access in vehicles by the end of 2009. They have developed a small device in the boot which connects to the internet using high speed mobile phone networks this then produces a wireless signal with a radius of 100 feet.

Passengers will be able to download music, watch films and send emails whilst driving. The technology will even allow motorists to turn off lights and lock doors to their vehicles from their office or home. Other manufacturers are believed to be considering introducing wi-fi technology with BMW being one of the first.

However there will be fears that this could lead to more accidents even though it is marketed towards the passenger. Will motorists be tempted to check emails whilst driving and ignore all safety advice.

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