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Jaguar E-Type Roadster Stretched

Love it or hate it... a 1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Roadster is to be “stretched” by Classic Motor Cars.

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Request a JAGUAR test drive
Love it or hate it... a 1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Roadster is to be “stretched” by Classic Motor Cars. This left-hand-drive example – which was built in Coventry then shipped to the U.S.A. - will then have its roof raised by one and a half inches above the driver. The boot will also be lowered and reshaped to accommodate a twenty gallon fuel tank, and a wider spare wheel. The E-Type will then have its power steering, transmission, brakes, and handling modernised. The UK Jaguar restorer will then ship the car back to the United States - where it received heavy frontal damage in a crash. Definitely 'hate' that.

Nick Goldthorp, Classic Motor Cars, said: 'This is something that we have never done before. Our client wanted the interior leg room of a Series 3 V12 E-Type - but the aesthetics of a Series 1 car. By adding four and a half inches to the length of the car we will be able to retain the overall look of the Series 1 and also turn this E-Type into a unique car.'

Very clever... but this leaves me uneasy. The E-Type is now relatively rare and its numbers cannot be increased - even by one. Furthermore, nobody really owns these classics. They simply enjoy them while they pass through history to the next generation. On this basis, should Jaguar E-Types be modernised or simply maintained as nature intended? Modifications, of course, can make them easier to live with but nobody buys a classic for convenience. We have the Ford Mondeo for that. And whereas modernisers can create special and unique vehicles – their work can be destructive too. So, if I was briefly responsible for an injured E-Type I would restore it to its factory settings. Love it or hate it?