Jaguar Land Rover Commit To Making Only Hybrid And Electric Cars By 2020

JLR become the biggest manufacturer to go all electric

Less than 2 months have passed since Volvo announced their plans to ditch the internal combustion engine, in favour of electric or hybrid cars only, Jaguar Land Rover has jumped on board too.

The announcement was made at the inaugural  ‘Tech Fest’ event in London.

Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, said: “Every new Jaguar Land Rover model line will be electrified from 2020, giving our customers even more choice. We will introduce a portfolio of electrified products across our model range, embracing fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles. Our first fully electric performance SUV, the Jaguar I-PACE, goes on sale next year.”

Although the new all-electric I-Pace is due to be released in 2018, Jaguar Land Rover doesn't currently produce any hybrid cars ‘nor electric only, so they’ve given themselves a pretty tight deadline to research, design, develop and mass-produce the eco-friendly replacements to their current lineups.

Will JLR be able to live up to these promises? Probably, who are we to question their potential? Jaguar sold 604,009 vehicles between March 2016 and March 2017, which is the best they’ve done in their 95-year history. 

This recent success has been helped dramatically by the increased demand from China and the US, 2 foreign markets that will be incredibly hungry for these greener cars.

The news has been well-worded by the PR team at Jaguar Land Rover. We must applaud the manufacturer for making such a bold announcement but the headline may be slightly misleading, however. 

Not every single car made by JLR after 2020 will be hybrid or electric. Their commitment is to make sure there is a hybrid or electric option within the lineup of every new car released after the 2020 deadline. The press release headline read: “EVERY JAGUAR AND LAND ROVER LAUNCHED FROM 2020 WILL BE ELECTRIFIED” - which could easily be misinterpreted.