Koenigsegg Quant

Four-seater solar electric car from Koenigsegg.

Recently on show at the Geneva Motor Show the Koenigsegg Quant is a 512bhp four-seater solar electric car.

The project was born when NLV Solar AG commissioned the environmentally aware Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg to develop and design a “car of the future”, incorporating NLV Solar’s groundbreaking, proprietary technology in the felds of photovoltaics and accumulators.

The advances in electric power generation and storage, combined with the aerodynamic, futuristic Koenigsegg design and engineering, will enable the NLV Quant to charge the FAES(Flow Accumulator Energy Storage) to full capacity in 20 minutes and give the vehicle a range of 500 kilometres.

The Quant will deliver 0–100 km/h in 5.2 seconds and hit a top speed of 275 km/h.

Official Koenigsegg website

I do like this Koenigseggesesinghes. I would definatly exchange my CL if i could have a car this cool and save the planet :) YES AWESOME!

At Least you've got a car! Show off!

This is a nice idea but the spec is not realy. As it would not be able to make this car for many many years by this time other technolgy would have come along that are a lot more simple to build. Its a pipe dream but a nice one.

WOW, the only snag will be COST, how much?