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Lotus Elise Club Racer

The Go Cart gets a slightly different twist.

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Request a LOTUS ELISE test drive

Sales of Lotus Elise’s have plummeted in recent years as the car has had excellent rivalry from the car market at large as well as within Lotus itself cannibalising their own market with some excellent rivals, what’s more with the state of current economic affairs many are shying away from buying, well anything really never mind a little sports car for weekend fun.

To combat the decline in Lotus Elise sales the good chaps at Lotus decided to create the Lotus Elise Club Racer based on the Lotus Elise S, in the UK but on the Lotus Exige in the US.

The new car named the Lotus Elise Club Racer can however be somewhat misinterpreted as a track car, which its not, more realistically this is a slightly different twist to an already very good car.

Taking from Lotus’s heritage and based on a 1960’s theme Lotus have given the Elise Club Racer four classic colour schemes (Elite Yellow, Carbon Grey, Sky Blue and Old English White) and combined with a new interior redesign to morph form and function.

A Club Racer (CR) logo is embroidered on the headrest, while the aluminum flooring in the footwells also bears the CR mark. Standard Lotus Elise seats get microfiber 'comfort pads' to add support without adding much weight, while the anthracite anodized gear knob and handbrake sleeve give the car a racing feel.

To add some precision to your drift the Lotus Elise Club Racer has a leather edged steering wheel with on-centre marker so you know exactly where your front wheels are pointing as you weave through corners like a bumble bee on speed.

The lightweight six spoke alloy wheels, shod in bespoke Yokohama AD07 LTS tyres are also anthracite anodised, complementing the key interior components of the Elise Club Racer.

Luke Bennett, Director of Lotus Cars said, “Special Editions of the award winning Elise have always proved popular with our customers around the world, and I expect the [Lotus] Elise Club Racer to be no different. We have taken colour schemes from our past, used on the Elite and Elan in the 1960s and cleverly brought them up to date with a modern feel to the interior. The whole design package is modern with a classic twist, which of course matches the peerless ride and handling of a Lotus and the convertible experience of the Elise perfectly.”

New car prices for the Lotus Elise Club Racer are due to start at £25,712 and expect a full coverage after the Frankfurt motorshow.