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MG 7 series revealed in China

Nanjing launches new MG in China

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The company that bought the finance-stricken British firm MG has officially launched the first of its own cars in China. The MG 7 series is based on the British-built MG ZT saloon and retains the same original design. From official pictures it's clear that Nanjing MG has focused on maximising the air of luxury in the 7 series by covering seats in black leather and door panels in a beige material, which is complemented by wood-like trim on the dash, steering wheel and centre console.

Two engines were mentioned at the launch. A 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol unit was highlighted for producing 160bhp and 158lb.ft of torque between 2,100 and 4,000rpm and for being co-developed by Lotus to ensure it meets the Euro 4 emissions regulations now in force.

A larger 2.5-litre V6 was also talked about, offered in the range-topping MG 7L, which is some 200mm longer than the standard car to promote extra legroom and occupant comfort. The V6 in the MG 7L is relatively unstrained and undeveloped however, producing only 177bhp and 177lb.ft of torque at 4,000rpm; although it would be fair to say the car would most likely be bought by those who delight in luxury over linear acceleration.

The car is on sale in China for an equivalent £12,600 rising to £22,600 for the range-topping 7L, but as yet overseas pricing details have not been announced.