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Millions of Scrap Vehicles to be Reborn

Two million vehicles are scrapped every year in the UK

Two million vehicles are scrapped every year in the UK, according to the Environment Agency. Vehicles contain hazardous materials which should be disposed of responsibly. Cramming Ford Escorts into kitchen bins is frowned on.

Authorised treatment facilities reuse 85% of vehicle mass in accordance with End-of-Life Regulations. Recycling begins with decontamination. Batteries, dangerous substances, and fluids are removed. Fluffy dice are salvaged and air bags deployed. The carcass is shredded and the remnants go to landfill. Similar treatment is dished out to taxis on stag nights.

Once materials are separated the resources are reused. Tyres become roads, batteries are reborn, and the steel is recycled. The treatment facilities also issue certificates of destruction which exonerate owners from further responsibility. Although these services are subsidised by manufacturers and free to consumers, you may pay for vehicle collection.

According to the DVLA, there are 34 million vehicles licensed in the UK. The government is committed to environmental protection so expect even stricter controls to emerge. One day, all 34 million of our current vehicles will be recycled. Perhaps your Skoda will morph into a Ferrari.

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