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Mitsubishi's small clean diesel

Concept-cX will be 1st small Mitsubishi with a diesel engine

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Request a MITSUBISHI test drive

Called the Concept-cX, this is Mitsubishi's first small passenger car with a diesel engine. It showcases an all-new 1.8 litre four-cylinder 'Clean Diesel' which uses the latest particulate filters to maximise efficiency and minimise emissions. Although Mitsubishi has always offered diesel options for its large off-roaders like the Shogun, the brand's sales in Europe have been stunted by the lack of an economical diesel model.

We won't see the Concept-cX, which is a small hatchback-SUV crossover, until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. And although there's no official word on whether it will make production, the odds are heavily in its favour given the current pressure on manufacturers to build smaller, more efficient vehicles.