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Mobile Speed Camera gets it wrong

Motorist proved camera lied but at a cost

Dale Lyle received a ticket for apparently speeding at 100mph on the motorway. He told the magistrates the camera must have got it wrong as the car he was driving was only capable of a top speed of 85.4mph. The magistrates told him he would have to prove it.

Unfortunately for Mr Lyle he had sold the car to a friend. The only option was to buy it back; a bank overdraft of £600 helped him out. He then had to pay an independent driving expert £600 to test the 1.3 litre Civics top speed at a two mile circuit in Bedfordshire. He was proved right as the Honda could only achieve a top speed of 85.4mph in fourth gear and 81.3mph in fifth. Speed camera footage was obtained of the alleged offence and the three minute showed three other cars in the frame at the same time, he believes his vehicle was mistaken for another.

His one year battle paid off and the Crown Prosecution Service dropped his case he now intends to return to court to seek compensation. Mr Lyle added that the video evidence was appalling and wonders how many people accept points when they are not guilty.

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