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Motor Insurance and getting the right cover

Getting the right cover motor insurance is essential but even more so if you are a professional footballer

It is well known that footballers endure love affairs with cars of all shapes and sizes and worth a considerable amount of money. Another fact to consider is the continuing influx of foreign players who want to drive on British roads which brings the subject on to their motor insurance.

Insurance for footballers has always been difficult the majority of insurers do not wish to quote, this is due to the fact of the passenger liability there could be at least four players in a car with multi million pound careers at risk. Unfortunately very few players are aware of the implications of driving their cars from their own countries with foreign insurance cover. The DVLA website informs that vehicles that are properly registered and taxed in their home countries and brought to the UK temporarily are usually exempt from UK registration and licensing and may be used in the UK for up to six months in any 12 month period. But we have to bear in mind that the football season runs for August to May – ten months so the six month period of exemption will be exceeded. It has already occurred at a number of Premiership football clubs where the police have checked out footballers in foreign registered cars. The cars are impounded until the correct paperwork is supplied.

Many people use the internet to search for car insurance, it is a very risky way of taking out insurance as the questions asked do not delve far enough, when asked for occupation a professional sportsman might only see PROFESSIONAL as a possible option to match his occupation. This would be accepted over the internet but if the worst scenario was to occur and an accident happened the insurance would be invalid as the player has failed to state he is a footballer.

It is extremely important for the correct insurance to be taken out and professional sportsmen and women should always use a specialist insurer.

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