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New Audi A4 models announced

New Audi A4 under £20000 at launch?

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Request a AUDI test drive

Audi's new A4 is to have two new entry variant engines

Emmission and fuel consumtion seem to be the byword- expect sales rep's everywhere to be rushing down to the Audi dealer showrooms to trade in their Vectra's and Avensis' for the new 1.8-litre petrol engine and 2.0-litre diesel engine.

The 118bhp 1.8T and a 118bhp 2.0-litre diesel should offer reasonable economy of between 40 and 50 mpg.

Audi plan to offer the new entry-level 1.8T for under £20,000 and the new diesel is expected to cost less than £22,000.

We don't expect the diesel to have the same Bluemotion technology that VW are using for their ultra low emmission cars- that should come later and at a price premium- but 50mpg ish and 22K for a decent size new Audi is cheap- not to be sniffed at. But if you can stand 4 seats and don't mind the badge - why not wait for the beautiful new Passat CC.