New Bentley Brooklands

New Bentley Brooklands - from £200,000

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New Bentley Brooklands

Unveiled at the 2007 Geneva motor show, the Brooklands signalled Bentley’s return to the super premium coupe sector if you can call it a sector. At the kind of money that the Brooklands commands, it has few, if any, direct rivals and with sales strictly limited to 550 vehicles across the entire lifespan of the car, it won’t be troubling the top superminis and family hatchbacks of the day in the sales charts.

The whole point of this car is quality and exclusivity. Each one is hand-built by craftsmen employing skills they’ve honed over years precisely manipulating wood, leather and metal in Bentley’s Crewe-based production facility.

Power for the big Bentley comes from the 6.75-litre V8 that can trace its development all the way back to 1959 and its first installation in the S2 saloon. In its day, it was a highly advanced unit will all-aluminium construction and a five-bearing crankshaft but it’s less high-tech by modern standards. That should matter little, however, since with twin low-inertia turbochargers installed and a reprofiled camshaft, it’s not lacking in old-school grunt. The crushing low-end torque that has become a Bentley trademark over the years is all present and correct with a monstrous 1050Nm maximum being generated. There’s 530bhp to experience as well so Brooklands owners can expect prodigious in-gear acceleration combined with brutal top end performance all delivered with poise and an eerie hush inside the cabin.